Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mom's Group

I often reference my Moms' Group as a source of support, friendsip, and knowledge. Here is a photo of many of the moms out at lunch after our Thursday meeting.

This week we met at the Howard County Central Library, which was so fun. Jack really enjoys songs, games and stories... so it was fantastic for him. As always, we moms had a great time too.

After group Emily 1, Emily 3 and I went to Lets Dish to pick up our free meals. Lets Dish is one of those kitchens where you can take cooking classes, or go to cooking parties. For all new moms in 2008 as a Mothers Day gift they're giving away 2 small dishes per baby (yes if you had triplets you get three meals). So we got some yummy food in our freezer now that I can't wait to try!

Mothers Day is Sunday May, 11. Don't forget to do something nice for the woman who brought you into this world! :-)

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