Before and After

Front. Every single plant, if you want to call them that, which was there when we purchased the house was so scraggly and wild they all had to go.  We chose plants that when they reach full size they won't overwhelm the space.
Kitchen. When we removed the pointless little wall there and elongated the counter top it was necessary to rearrange the cabinet placement.  This included finding salvaged cabinets and building a door from scrap door pieces.
Kitchen. This was our longest project and we lived with it while I was at home with Jack.  It makes me so proud to look back and see where we started.
 Make up vanity turned built-in.  (How I wish I had a pic of the original- this built in was custom from scratch, so it's a huge change.)
 Laundry.  New everything (except the dryer, which was new-ish when we moved in.)