Thursday, July 7, 2011

The City Homesteader, reviewed in the 'burbs

It's like this book was written for me!

Scott (the author) starts you out slow. If you're thinking to yourself "But it's the 21st century, I have a smart phone, I've sold out already." this book is still for you!

Who this book would appeal to:

  • Gardeners looking for a challenge.

  • Home cooks, who love fresh local ingredients.

  • Moms who home school or who love to teach their kids about things around the house.

  • Environmentally aware people who want organic food but don't want to pay out the nose at the grocery store.
My personal favorites:

  • "High Yield Crops" section talks about what to plant, when and where. I thought I was pretty savvy, but reading this section made me realize there are a few things I could easily change to have much greater success without any additional effort. (I even told my husband that I wished I had this book before we started planting this past spring!)

  • The whole Save It For Later chapter is really fantastic. If you've ever had a CSA and been frustrated that the food goes bad before you can eat it all or you've bought 10 lbs of peaches on impulse at Costco you can use the information in this chapter. I personally can't wait to try making fruit leather (fruit roll-up)!

  • The section about Pests Control is also a great one. But it only helps with the tiny 6-8 legged kind. It does nothing for the 2 legged "Mommy I need another snack" kind. But I hear there are people who can handle that...

The only thing this book doesn't do is break down the growing zones. Which I personally would love, because I think we're right on the line of 6a and 7b, or something like that. This book is not preachy about why you should grow, it doesn't tell you what to grow and what not to grow and what else you should make by hand. It just gives you information. Want to know about growing herbs? Fruits and veggies? Keeping chickens? Making soap? Using a clothes line? It's got that! But it's not one of those "I'm greener than you and you should feel like a crappy human being for killing the planet one plastic baggie at a time."

Speaking of- I have to make a run to Target tomorrow, on the way to my first follow up blood draw. Tomorrow is the last day of my Lyme Disease fighting medication!!! Which means I will be eating Brie and drinking wine while sitting in the sun for dinner on Friday. Maybe I'll even treat myself to an ice cream cake to celebrate!! Woo Hoo!!

My opinions of The City Homesteader are my own. I was given the book to review but my enthusiasm is entirely mine. I cannot be bought. I cost way way way too much, just ask my husband.


Kate said...

Just be careful; in my experience ice cream and alcohol do not mix well.

melaniet42 said...

I totally just requested it from the library. Woot!