Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rip up your garden, or go to jail.

This is just crazy. Being thrifty and green is not a crime. I would be willing to bet if there was someone down the street who never bothered to weed the garden but they have gnarled azaleas growing instead of that offensive summer squash they wouldn't be in trouble with he city. If there was a foreclosure where the lawn never gets mowed because, let's be honest if there is a for sale sign in the yard and the grass is a foot tall chances are it's a foreclosure, the bank isn't being threatened with jail time. Lazy gardeners and foreclosures are everywhere in this country- they're certainly all over the place where we live. But someone who wants to feed their family fresh local veggies, gasp! How dare they damage the neighborhood aesthetic!

So how do we change the world? How do we get each other to realize that looks aren't everything? Living well is more important than what's on the surface, right?!

"Michelle Obama put an 1,100 sq foot garden on the south lawn of the White House. If it's good enough for the leader of the free world..." best comment on the original article.

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