Friday, July 1, 2011

A New Addition to the Family

We have a new love seat! This means we can finally all sit comfortably as a family to enjoy a movie night or afternoon construction show. It's funny now a little thing can make such a huge difference.

So last weekend amidst all the yoga, and Kirtan (which you have to check out, BTW -please don't think I share this to try to convert anyone, I think having a system of beliefs is awesome and I respect that... but I had been hearing about this 'Kirtan' thing at my Yoga Studio for a while now and finally I decided to check it out. Cool stuff, it's kind of like group meditation with singing and chanting. No doctrine, no dogma. Imagine singing Kumbaya but replace the acoustic guitar with a harmonium... I digress, big time) So last weekend I was doing yoga and going to Kirtan and learning to knit, when our new addition arrived.

You see, my In-Laws are moving from the house my husband grew up in to their retirement home and they're purging. Like fire-sale-everything-must-go purging. And we're lucky enough to reap some of the benefits! The couch on the right was ours and the love seat on the left was theirs (but fits the color palate perfectly!)

I love hand-me downs because sometimes you get awesome stuff, and you're re-using and you're saving money. My 3 favorite things rolled into one little package: cool stuff, being green and being thrifty!

Our new addition to the living room inspired a re-org of the playroom.

Too bad when I went down there yesterday I found Henry standing in the play sink, and the day before that I found him standing behind the TV. We need a taller TV stand for safety (big time!) Hopefully we can get to that soon because lack of safety totally undermines the whole "autonomous play" thing.

But the space doesn't feel nearly so crowded anymore, thank goodness! It was getting all kinds of crowded up in here!

Now that I've completely reorganized my house I'm ready for the 4th of July. We're going to the beach and celebrating with family. What do you have planned for the long weekend??

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