About Me

I'm Emily.  I'm a 30 year old do-mes-tic goddess raising two sweet boys. 

So here's the thing: I can rattle off a bunch of categories I fall into.  A bloggers census, if you will.  But it's not really going to tell you who I am.  It will certainly give you an idea, but I'm much more complicated than the sum of my parts.

My two boys are my joy.  My parenting is pretty crunchy.  We use cloth diapers, do some baby wearing, make my own baby food, and I breastfeed.  I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, pretend-I-know-what-I'm-doing type of parent.  I love my kids, I laugh at my kids, and I definitely laugh with my kids.

My first boy was born by c-section.  Which was a very difficult recovery both physically and emotionally.  My second boy was born in a hospital (with a fabulous midwifery team) by successful VBAC, it was a fantastic experience. 

As a wife, I'm freeking awesome.  You should tell my husband.

Seriously, though, my husband and I love to be handy around the house, which is pretty all inclusive.  Furniture re-finishing, tile-laying, floors, yadda yadda we do it all.  Because we're cheap, because we're green and because we're crazy.  Because renovating with tiny children is fun!

I love my yoga practice.  I love farmers markets, local food and sustainable living.  I find that locally grown food tastes so much yummier than stuff at the grocery store.  I love the beach and swimming. 

Do you know who I am yet?  If you do, please e-mail me and tell me.  You'll save me alot of time!

I blog for fun.  I blog because I like to hear myself talk (be honest, who doesn't).  I blog because family and friends can keep up with our lives from a distance.  I blog because it forces me to reflect on my life as it's happening.