Thursday, December 4, 2008

Child Neglect?

Yesterday Jack wore the same diaper from 7:00am when he woke up till 5:30pm when he got in his bath. Child neglect? Nope. Jack used the potty all day yesterday. Today, not so much, but hey - one whole day is pretty darn good for only 10 months old!


bebe said...

awesome! a question for you--does jack cry sometimes when you put him on the potty? amedeo cries when i put him on the potty after naps. he usually stops after he pees, so i'm wondering if it's a "oh, i have to pee soooo bad." or "i hate this cold seat soooo much!!!)

melaniet42 said...


Emily said...

yes sometimes he does... i would say the average is once a day. i think it's boredom, so i will give him any old thing from under the sink in the bathroom to provide some novilty and entertainment.

bottle of asprin? sure! nasal aspirator? sure!