Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Party at Jillian's house

We enjoyed a big group of players (it's a play group, what would you call them?) today at Jillian's house. Jillian, Jack, Cady, Brooks, Amedeo, Christian and Jocelyn were all ready to party.

Christian and Jillian both showed off their walking skills. There were some stolen crackers, some boo-boos and many many laughs. It was great to see such a big turn out. I can't wait to see more play groups with mass-baby-chaos!

It cracks me up to see them interact with their personalities and feelings coming into play, there is a whole new layer to this parenting thing and it's awesome!

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The Kento Beans said...

Wow, that's a glamour shot of me if I've EVER seen one! :-) And yay for lots of babies being all over the place!

ps-- my word verification is "mylopper". what's a lopper? and is mine a good one?