Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CSA Helper?!

I'm a little surprised. Jack has been very unhelpful on CSA day (hence a lack of posed produce photos). He wants to take bites out of everything, tomato, apple, peach.... you get the idea. So this week to my shock and amazement when I got home I geared up for a screaming and wrestling match while I try to take the food away from him and put it away.

I unzipped the bag and carried some apples over to the fruit bowl, when I turned around Jack was standing next to me looking up, holding a peach in his outstretched hands.

I, of course, say "Good job. Thank you!"

He runs to get the next one. Ok, Awesome! So together we unloaded the produce into the basket, and into the fridge. I didn't dare attempt to take a pic of the produce but I did get one of my helper as he continued to play 'unpack'.


emk said...

Wow-- your CSA gives out film?! :-)

Anonymous said...

What a great helper. And how handy that will be in the future! (he's already proven he loves to vacuum too!) Gigi