Wednesday, August 5, 2009

CSA Week 10

This morning we jammed to some tunes.
Played by DJ Jazzy Jack.

Inventory: pickling cucumbers (purchased additionally), 1 cantaloupe, 3 peppers, 2lbs (4) white peaches, 2 lbs (6) nectarines, 12 (yes 12) ears of corn, 2lbs (5) tomatoes, 2lbs Asian eggplant, 1 loaf cinnamon walnut swirl bread, 2lbs summer squash (skipped by me again).


The Crivella Family said...

I love the Pj's!!! I can't believe they already fit, I don't think Carter wore them until the springtime!

Emily said...

My kid is a MONSTER... width wise at least :-)