Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Pattern

It seems to me that about this time of night I start a blog topic, something meaty. Maybe scandalous. Maybe just controversial. But by the time I'm done typing my thoughts out I've decided that I can't make enough sense of my verbal diarrhea to zip it up into a nice little package and hit "Publish". Why is this?

Am I concerned about putting my actual thoughts out there? Am I worried that you're going to think I'm talking about YOU? I don't even know, really. It just seems there is a hump that I can't get over. I don't have writers block- I'm clearly able to get all the thoughts out on paper but there's something about the revision that makes me think "Why would anyone want to read..." "This is going to make me sound..."

I'm not that cool. Why am I worrying about this?!


emk said...

Annnnddd.....now I'm dying to know what last night's controversial topic was!!!

Kate said...

Because you're human and we humans are social animals that worry about stuff like that.