Friday, June 13, 2008

Before there was Jack...

First there were two.

And then I started to grow.
Lavender dress: Susan's wedding *wink*
Lime dress: Jen's wedding
Red dress: Tara's wedding
Black dress, not a bridesmaid.. but at Rusty's wedding

Very pregnant. And p.s. that bottle of Jergins did nothing to prevent the million stretch marks I got, so don't waste your money. (Thankfully they have all but disappeared now.)

You don't get more-pregnant-er than this. This would be the beginning of the worst day of my life, which fortunately was followed by the best say of my life... but still. And yes I gained about 55 pounds. The doctor speculates that about 25 pounds were from water retention, how gross is that?

And as promised here are my cankles. If you look closely you can see the swelling in my face migrating to my feet. ::shudder::

What makes it worth all that? My handsome little man, of course, and the fact eventually your face, your skin, your weight, your emotions, and your SARS all return to something resembling 'normal'.

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The Kento Beans said...

thank goodness the SARS went away!! it's so fun to see you all gussied-up in the wedding photos! and WOW did you get big! :-) you are ONE HOT MAMA!!!