Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Long Day

Jack woke up early today, as though he knew that there would be a lot of excitement! After a quick trip to the mall we went to story time at the Glenwood (right?) Library for story time. We were a little late so we didn't want to barge in during the middle of the session. Jack and I cozied up with a dinosaur book and discussed why the Tyranosaurus is so mean (short arms can be frustrating). Later we went to Marla's house. Jack decided to play with the diaper bag.

After some time with the Moms' Group we went to the pediatrician. Jack is 26.25 inches long and 15 pounds 6 oz. After his DTaP shot he was a little tuckered out.

Sleepy head.

Then we had a bath, and went to sleep. Jack put himself to sleep tonight, as recommended by the Moms and the pediatrician ;-)

Here is some more of Jack's posse. In all green: Amedeo, Yellow bib: Jack, Plad: Andreas, Blue and green stripes: Brooks.

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The Kento Beans said...

Okay, so he's not as heavy as we thought...but I TOTALLY scored on the length!! :-)