Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fun times!

Archana, Wes and Ria hosted an indoor picnic for the Moms Group today. We had a great time!

The babies are getting harder and harder to wrangle together for a picture.

This was the best photo I got. Which is pretty good... I think...

Emily1 got a fun picture of Lindsey and me (Emily2).

When we got home from the party the family played on the bed, enjoying a some time together. The boys smiled for the camera and then Jack and Mommy tortured each other with tickles. (He kept accidentally tickling my knee by putting his mouth on it.)


Carlson Family said...

Laughter is contagious....I was cracking up as I watched your video!

Bam Bam's Mom said...

I'm with Lindsey. I laughed the the whole way through. To funny!