Thursday, September 11, 2008

Two day wrap-up...

Two days ago we hosted the Mommies. Jack and Cady enjoyed studying some classic literature in the reading corner.

Jillian climbed up the stairs- 3 times!

Then later after everyone left we cleaned up so the BG&E HV A/C people could come and give us a fantastic new system! Jack played nicely with the only toy left out, he didn't seem to mind that everything else was packed away.

Today I went to story time at the mall - HUGE, HUGE, HUGE crowd of people. It was totally overwhelming, but luckily I was meeting some mommies from another group that I met online. They are super nice, and they have groups in every area in every state. So if you're a mommy, or a mommy to-be and you're thinking "Gee... I'd love to have a mommy group too." Check it out! Scroll down the page and you'll find regional groups - then broken down by state.

Then Lindsey and Cady met us for lunch and some retail-therapy. Cady showed Jack her keys, and then Jack showed Cady his keys. They spent a lot of time discussing how their stroller 'drives'.

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The Crivella Family said...

Does he love that colorful LOUD crazy looking toy that I gave you? Carter LOVED it!!! You will have to acquaint me with that website, I will be having a lot of free time come the summer and fall to fill up!!!