Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's a BOY!!

Cathy woke up on Saturday to broken water so she proceeded to the hospital to start her induction a day early. After 5 hours of Pitocin and 15 minutes of pushing Aidan greeted his parents! Yay to Cathy for pulling off the med-free birth (I must live vicariously when I can).

And in a continuing effort to keep his parents on his toes Jack showed off yet another new skill:

I would consider this to be pretty big. He's still 'Army crawling' so the upper body strength and muscle control I'm sure it took him to lift his arms above his head and reach the stair and pull all the way up on it is HUGE.
Looks like we need another baby gate for the steps now for sure!

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The Crivella Family said...

In that 2nd picture he is sticking his tongue out and saying nanny nanny boo boo here I go!!!