Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today we went to the pool (again) because swimming class was such a hit! I like this picture because Jack looks like he's in the water by himself... I guess I should have cropped my arm out to maximize the effect.

Here's Jack and the ladies. Jillian and Cady are in swim class with us, we all decided to do a tutorial so our babies can be ahead of the game next week.

See the ripples behind his feet? He's kicking, I'm not sure if he's trying for breaststroke or butterfly.

And of course the obligatory 6 month photo! Oh how he has changed.


The Kento Beans said...

argh! i totally meant to send jack a happy half-birthday greeting this morning and it slipped my mind! blame it on my illness! HAPPY (6-month)BIRTHDAY, LITTLE MAN!

Tammy said...'s not 12 a.m. yet so we still have time. Happy B-Day Jack! I think we've all hit our 6 month mark now. You babies are growing up way to fast. Slow down a little why don't ya!

Field and Kate said...

Happy birthday little man!

Carlson Family said...

Happy Birthday!! Why didn't you remind us at the pool - we could have sang to him or something... ;-)