Sunday, August 10, 2008

Worker Bees

Here we are installing the back splash! It's been a busy weekend and the hive has been buzzin' with activity. I'm still feeling pretty overwhelmed that things are not in the best working order. It's funny because normally I'd be slightly put-out having no sink and what not but with a baby everything is exponentially more difficult.
Where will I get the water for his cereal? Will he get fussy right after breakfast or will he give me time to run to a sink and wash out his dishes (no dishwasher... because they drain into the sink)? What can I cook that requires virtually no clean up? Am I being helpful enough or am I getting too distracted with the baby? Can I watch Jack and paint the cabinet doors for the 15 millionth time?

But, we're nearly there and it looks FANTASTIC!

1 comment:

bebe said...

I say, "Go out for dinner!!" Nuts to doing dishes! Can't wait to see the fabulousness that will be your kitchen!