Monday, August 4, 2008


Pro: We're going to have a fantastic kitchen, dining room and living room when we're done.

Con: We have no kitchen sink this week.

Pro: I painted a coat of polyurethane last night (which is the final step before putting the doors back on).

Con: It was the wrong kind of polyurethane and now I have to sand it down and start over because my doors went from white to yellow.

Pro: We are adding value to our home using our (and my parent's) sweat equity and spending a minimal amount of $$.

Con: Nothing is where it should be, everything is harder to keep clean and my life feels like it's in disarray sometimes.

Pro: I think it will all be over soon.

I'm just trying to keep it in perspective, here.

1 comment:

bebe said...

just lookin' at the's going to be a gorgeous kitchen!!! it's totally worth it!