Saturday, September 26, 2009


The other day Jack was eating lunch and he had a pretzel in each hand. He suddenly started 'flying' them around in the air talking about airplanes. I was totally confused and then I realized, he's pretending that his pretzels are airplanes. This was confirmed when I have him his Kashi toaster waffle this morning and he started talking about wheels and cars and he started steering the 'car' (honestly, I'm not sure what the car was, maybe just the high chair, maybe the whole table?) with the waffle.

I think some more fort building is in his future, and I definitely have to get on building his play kitchen. It's clearly time.

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Brenna said...

mostly, we fingerpaint and sculpt at mealtimes.

what would happen if you gave jack a car shaped sandwich? He might never want to leave!