Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Non-Wedding-Wedding Pictures

This past weekend my cousin got married. We jumped in the car early Friday morning and drove out up to Long Island. Uncle Tom "Unka Tah" rode with us and we colored, watched Cars on the portable DVD player, and slept on the way up. There was no traffic, none in north NJ and none even in Brooklyn and Queens. I was impressed!

My aunt and uncles own stores in the Tropical Smoothie franchise, so when we got to LI at 1pm we decided to go to a store and check it out. Everything is whole grain, fresh, natural, even in the smoothies they only use all natural unbleached unprocessed sugar. So you know I was in heaven. At the end of the weekend Matt and I both found ourselves wondering how much it would set us back to get started here. (Not that we really have the time... but it's a fun thought!)

After the rehearsal we had a tropical themed dinner at.... Tropical Smoothie! This is the lovely bride, Kristin and her daughter Sierra.

The wedding party!

Jack thought the dance floor was a perfect place to drive his cars.

Gi-Gi had her dance partner for the evening.

Jack lasted a really long time at the wedding. Matt finally left with him at 10pm. He slept in every morning and his naps were pushed back so by the Sunday night wedding it was much easier to count on him staying up late without too much fuss. The appetizers and dinner also helped keep him happy. I got a bunch of toys at the dollar store and kept them hidden until key points in the evening. The 2 best things I had in my bag of tricks were: crayons and coloring books. Coloring is such a great quiet activity and I find he sits and colors even better when someone colors with him.

On the drive home we stopped for lunch at Christiana Mall in Delaware. They have these tables and chairs that are just the right size for my independent little man.


Brenna said...

awesome trip! the franchise sounds neat...wish we had one in columbia.
I wish amedeo liked coloring...he thinks it's torture!
LOVE Kristin's dress! It's lovely!
Glad everyone had fun!

melaniet42 said...

How exciting! I love the floral halter dress you've got on!!!