Sunday, April 3, 2011


Henry's First Birthday was a blast!I made a happy birthday banner, which will now be used for years to come, assuming I don't misplace it!The pteranodon's flew in for the event.Henry loved the balloons!Snack table all set up. Apparently my party signs are famous ('famous' might be an exaggeration...). I'm not going to lie- I love coming up with how I'm going to label the food. I usually laugh out loud while I'm making these signs!

I made 2 types of sub sandwiches: chicken and cheese for the Carnivores and hummus with sprouts for the Herbivores. Henry's Cupcake!Om nom nomnom nom nom.We were excited to have a pair of party-crashers Lindsey and Cady made an appearance so we got a pic of the Ladies night crew reunited! Good times.We also had a little Phi Sigma Pi family reunion (my big and my littles) so we took a pic of the 'family' with the next generation! Left to Right: Jack, Henry, Me Josh, Jen, Andrew, Jen, Brody (in front), Bella, Heidi, Tara


Happy Birthday, my sweet little boy!!


Nathan and Aimee said...

I LOVE this party theme! I wish our parties were more festive with awesome banners and amazing food labels!

Painting Tips and Tricks said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

alba sofia said...

Happy birthday Henry!! I def LOL-ed in the hostel computer room looking at your food label pics. Looks like it was a legend party!

Shannon said...

LOVE the pteranodons!!!