Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My husband's Nerd card

has been revoked.

Don't worry, dear friends, he hasn't suddenly become too cool for school. He effed with my computer. Complete system uninstall and reinstall. What has been lost? He remembered the photos, the videos the angsty poetry I wrote in college, even the lit review I wrote in graduate school. He forgot my favorites all of them. Every blog, every online store, every social media network, even the news. My soul is dying a little bit.

It's fitting that my assignment in yoga this month is to seek balance in my life in an area that it out of balance. I'm so addicted to the interwebz it's not even funny. Perhaps the universe is trying to facilitate my balance seeking. I still intend to post, but I'm going to scale back how many blogs I read and how much time and when I read them.

If you're thinking to yourself "Don't stop reading my blog." I'm not talking about you- these blogs are ones I'm not subscribed to, they don't provide my life or family with any enrichment, and I never comment on them. They won't even miss me and I hope I don't miss them either.

My husband is NOT off the hook for breaking my touch pad mouse. Daddy fail.

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azazel1024 said...

Hey, I fixed the touch pad issue!

And it wasn't like I installed Windows 7 just for fun. I fixed the darned thing (ignoring the fact that I broke Vista).

Your laptop is faster, and nicer and Windows Sevenier than it ever was before :D