Monday, April 11, 2011

Yoga business

This is where I meditate. I meditate at night, before reading in bed. Ideally I'd love to meditate in the morning but my mornings aren't predictable enough for that, not right now. But here's where the magic happens.
I ordered some yoga supplies (before there was any major worry about a furlough). Now I'm ready to teach- I'm already teaching some neighbors... but now I'm ready for more! Bring it on!

My project for my yoga class is called Mommaste- yoga for moms. Mostly women do yoga anyway and yoga is so much about parenting in so many ways so I'm developing my project and my teaching style geared specifically for moms. Children will always try to bend us to do their will, yoga can make us more flexible.

I'm still doing teacher training. That will last until November, but I can teach now I just need to be clear with my students that I'm still in training, I'm not yet certified.

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