Sunday, November 23, 2008

Double Trouble

Eric, Emily, Field, Kate and Colin showed up yesterday for a N 64 James Bond, Mario Kart tournament which we impromptu decided to host yesterday. Will less than 3 hours notice the troops rallied for an afternoon of fun.

Jack took Colin aside and explained to him the importance of having his own in-house ball pit.

Later on they had a meeting at the conference table. I'm not sure what was discussed because it was a closed door session. No lame adults allowed. Clearly, there are no pictures of us 6 adults haning out and having a good time because we're just not as cute.

Today we returned to the ball pit for some more excitement.

Monkey chased the rogue balls around the room. This was the best purchase ever! The cat entertains the baby; the baby entertains the cat and they both find the ball pit to be the most amusing thing ever.
Uncle Tom came over to hang out and we again forgot to break out the camera and prove that adults exist in the world of Jack. It is my mission to improve upon this at Thanksgiving!
I can't wait because I have many many many things to be thankful for.

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Carlson Family said... found the ball pit!! When's playgroup going to be at your house again??! ;)