Sunday, November 16, 2008


Finally Jack has been able to join his peers with this exciting milestone. Jack has teeth!!

Today his two bottom teeth poked through the gums. We discovered this while on our hike to Savage Mill with Eric, Emily and Colin. When we arrived at the mill we celebrated Jack's teeth with some pints!

(The walk was 2.2 miles each way so we totally earned all the naughty food we ate and all the pints we drank for lunch.)

What's the big deal? You might ask. Well babies are *supposed to* get their first teeth (the bottom two) at 6 months. So yes, at 9 1/2 months, Jack is very pleased with himself to have finally cut his toofers!


The Kento Beans said...

How are we supposed to believe you if we can't enlarge the pic for proof?! :-) Congrats to Jack! Did you guys at least wave in my direction since you were in my 'hood for your hike??!

The Bliven Family said...

Better chances of not having braces! It will take longer for his baby teeth to fall out, his mouth will be bigger, and he'll have more room for his adult teeth to grow in...less chance of needing braces! ...Brady was the same.

Carlson Family said...

Yay for toofers...even though he was still mighty cute with his toothless grin!