Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend with the Grandparents

On Friday we went out to celebrate my brother's birthday, 11/11. Grandpa had a meeting at his old office cause they're recruiting him to help out on a project cause my dad has 'mad skillz'. My mom and I hung out in old Ellicott City.

On Saturday Grandpa got down to business immediately showing Jack how to climb over our 'Baby Gate' at the bottom of the basement stairs.

Matt had to work on Saturday so Gigi, Grandpa, Jack and I went for a walk around Wilde Lake. We found this tree with all its yellow leaves on the ground and thought, Photo Shoot!

We stopped at the park and went down the slide, went on the swings and rode the chipmunk. Jack, being the dare devil that he is, enjoyed the swing the most.

Matt and I went out to dinner for our anniversary on Saturday night. It was a complete success!

On Sunday we went to breakfast/lunch at Eggspectation. I had the most amazing muffin breakfast, the wait was long and our waiter was not great but the food was sooooo goooood.

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The Kento Beans said...

where did you go for said wonderful anniversary dinner?!