Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Be Vewy Vewy Quiet

We're hunting Easter Eggs!

Today the Elkridge Library and the Elkridge Senior Center put on an Easter Egg Hunt for kids in the area. We went along with 140 other kids under 5, and their siblings, and their parents! We watched a 'magic' show and then the Easter Bunny walked us out to the lawn behind the library and we turned the kids loose. Jack totally understood the game and started picking up eggs and putting them in my hand or directly in his basket.
Last Easter I was swollen, sleep deprived and Jack didn't do much. This Easter is going to be so much better!! I can't wait to watch him hunt for Eggs at my parents place!


Carlson Family said...

I was totally trying to come up with an Elmer Fudd reference for my blog post title, but couldn't really - so hats off to you!

Brenna said...

are you going to hunt for eggs in the sand?