Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don't feed the wildlife

Like ducks and bread -or- seagulls and a picnic at the beach -or- vultures and... well, you know.
The rest of the day was shambles for us because Jack threw a temper tantrum from then till dinner. I'm beginning to think this "I'll eat anything so you won't worry about my nutrient intake" is a double edged sword. Sure he'll eat anything but if you ever DARE refuse him food or ::gasp:: try to eat your own meal in front of him there will be HELL to pay.

I need a reliable, reuseable distraction. Something to make him forget about the cruelty of mommy starving him to death (or so he feels). Suggestions?


Brenna said...

I guess you could make two snacks...one for you and a healthy one for Jack...so if you want to eat cheez doodles, you could offer him one followed by carrots. I don't know...would he be fooled by that?

Carlson Family said...

Sorry I don't have any helpful tips, but I am cracking up thinking about Jack's food tantrums! It really is hysterical how much that boy loves food!