Friday, April 3, 2009

Best. Day. Ever.

We started off the day with a play date with Katie and Colin from swimming class. The boys had a good time following each other around and playing side-by-side.
Then I noticed that my peas have already sprouted!

Then Mark (a friend from HS youth group -yes, I said youth group, try not to act so surprised) came to visit. He lives in Seattle, since he was in town for a friend's wedding we went to lunch and caught up!
In between we hung out with the neighbors until the rain drove us inside so we provided moral support while Michelle folded some clothes.

Then Emily and Colin came over for an impromptu play date. We chatted about those pesky husbands until mine came home. Shhh!

Finally I went to Home Depot to buy a washing machine. Best Buy had the LG listed as 699 (just like the Depot) so with tax that would be 750. Best Buy was offering 10% off bringing us to 629 (pre-tax). The Depot does meet & beat so they saw their price and lowered an additional 10% bringing us down to 601.01 (tax included) and then the power company is offering 50 bucks in a rebate for energy star washing machines! so that's 550 for a 750 washer. AWESOMENESS!!


Katie said...

Thanks for including us in the! We had so much fun, thanks for having us! See you soon!
Love the washer!

melaniet42 said...

That DOES sound like a good day!

Carlson Family said...

Busy, busy, busy bee!