Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dumpster Diving

Everyone does it. Ok, probably not everyone, but here's the thing, Michelle and I were working our yard sales while we watched person after person after person throw recyclables into the dumpster. Seriously, pick up is Thursday- can it not wait? So Michelle and I climbed on to the dumpster and reached around pulling out as much of the recyclables as we could. In the end it was enough to fill my car, seats folded, everything out, passenger seat filled, that's a lot of recyclables, people!

Then we went back to yard sale-ing.

Some of the neighborhood men played in the dirt. In all fairness they were leveling Jess's yard, but still, it's funny to say.

While we sold we got some sun. I am now burnt.

After the yard sale I came to a horrible realization. The FINAL coat of deck stain was the wrong color. Matt didn't notice as he put it on, because it's always lighter when it goes on than when it dries. Well since it was the final coat it was touch ups so it was EVERYWHERE. It wasn't ordered wrong, the paint person grabbed the wrong base so the cans were completely identical except for a little number printed on the label.

The paint can says 24 hours to dry so the fact that the weather channel said it was going to rain at 4 tomorrow and it was 4 when we found this out was NOT good news. I got in the car and sped to the Depot. As soon as I walked in I asked for the manager I explained (I mean totally freaked out while I told him) what had happened and that I really needed this project done now. I'm so over the deck.

So after some crying I walked out with 3 free cans of deck stain and more brushes and rollers that I could possibly need.


The Crivella Family said...

Did you make any good money at the yard sale???

Brenna said...

crying gets you lots of good stuff...i definitely would have cried too!! your new deck will look great!