Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Clearly, it was a successful day. Jack hunted eggs, then we had breakfast. Then he hunted more eggs. Later we had lunch; egg salad- of course. During Jack's nap we waged war against the aliens and machines (read: my dad, brother and husband had a LAN party and played KKND). Then we watched the 18th hole and the sudden death shoot out of the Masters tournament, obviously my dad was in charge of the remote. Finally we ended the night with a family dinner and family games, which included one final war.

Today Jack demonstrated his assimilation of Easter knowledge by identifying a bunny in a book and then identifying the bunnies that were part of the holiday decorations.

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The Kento Beans said...

I totally sang "La Cucaracha" during the hunt, too!! Seth thinks it's weird that your dad (brother?) did, too, but it just seems obvious to me! :-)