Friday, July 23, 2010


Jack loves his brother, but usually from a distance. He's always checking to make sure Henry has a toy and he's ready to make sure I'm going to get Henry from a nap with reports like "Mommy, Baby Henry is crying. Go upstairs." But he's not really into cuddles- I believe he gets this from me. Well, Henry saw that Jack fell asleep on the couch, so he insisted on stealing some quality snuggles.

Ah, Jack, if only you'd take that nap in your room like a normal kid.

Update on the home-front: we're under contract! I would be more excited but unlike buying your first place... when you buy your second place you have to also worry about SELLING a home. For now I will settle for cautiously optimistic. Please send any good-home-sale-karma you have laying around, Thanks!


Kate said...

It's nice to know we're not the only ones crazy enough to put a contract on a new home before listing the current one. Hopefully we'll get an offer soon and I can send some karma your way. In the meantime you're welcome to come over anytime you need a place to hang during a showing.

melaniet42 said...

Yeah, seriously. Buying the first house was definitely easier. Good luck to you with selling your townhouse and congrats for getting that contract in on the new house!!

Lindsey said...

Woohoo!!! Good luck - I'm sending lots of good karma for house selling success your way!

Brenna said...

sounds like you are on your way! good luck!