Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Parenting is funny

Jack says funny (hilarious) things:

"I'm watching constructions on TV, Mommy."
"Don't be sassy, Mommy."
::I ask him to do something:: "Ugh, fine." Excuse me but I'm pretty sure you're a toddler not a mellow dramatic teen, thankyouverymuch.

Henry does funny (odd) things:

At night he's clearly so uncomfortable, full tummy/gas/needs to poop that he can't sleep. It lasts for hours. Often he'll wake up from his nap at 4 and be awake till 7 when we try to put him to sleep, and again at 7:45 and again at 8:15 and again at 9 and so on till 10 pm when exhaustion finally wins and he passes out. I feel so had for him because he's clearly so darned uncomfortable. My 'mommy instinct' tells me that starting solids right at 4 months might help his little digestive system work out the kinks with some fiber and what not but I've never experienced anything like this with my first. Has anyone had a baby with lower digestive issues? What can I try?

Also Henry is obsessed with his feet. He could hold them When he's in his Bumbo he tries to get them in his mouth. One day he tipped himself out of the swing (which is only about 2 inches off the floor, thank goodness,) because he was trying to get his feet in his mouth.

We have our first showing today. Wish us luck!


Anne-Margaret said...

Hopefully your house shows as "sassy" as you so obviously are Mommy!

Brenna said...

lots of luck!

Kate said...

This isn't my experience obviously but when my sister was a baby she never pooped. Once a week my mom had to put a suppository up her little bum so she could clean herself out.

The thing about babies is that they just have immature digestive systems. I personally wouldn't start solids if he's already having pooping issues since starting solids too early can mess with their digestive systems. We started exploring rice cereal at 4 months and Liam wouldn't take it. When he did finally eat more than a bite or two at about 6 months he had horrible digestive issues to the point where there were spots of blood in his diaper.

Are you giving him iron supplements by any chance? Liam's doctor suggests them but I read up on the research and they actually interfere with iron absorption in breastfed babies and can cause constipation.

melaniet42 said...

No advice for the digestive issues - Jilly had some gassy problems occasionally in the evening, and John would hold her across his lap and rub her back. That seemed to help, but she never had problems that effected her sleep. Hers always struck in the fact, we dubbed them "the evening crankies". By bedtime she was all sorted out.

Good luck with the showing!!!

Hattie Engel said...

have you tried altering your diet? specifically dairy? it can take up to 2 weeks to clear your system.
there is a great book by dr. sears called the fussy baby.