Friday, July 2, 2010

School's out for summah!

After two weeks of pre-pre-school our kids are now graduates! Brooks, Cady and Jack showed off their paper mache fish.

We took the tots for lunch and then treated them to ice cream. They thought this was the best idea EVER. I balanced the camera on the hood of Lindsey's car to pull of this shot. Everyone (even Henry) made it in the frame so score one for my mad camera skillz.

Jack hardly ever gets offered desert unless it's an oatmeal cookie the size of a quarter. There might be some subconscious guilt there because I compensated by getting him an ice cream so large he couldn't finish it.

Brooks enjoyed his yummy treat!

Cady can make even ice cream eating look innocent.

I asked Henry if he wanted some but he didn't answer so I dutifully ate it for him. Takin' one for the team.
most of these photos credited to Lindsey


Anonymous said...

Too cute! (and they look SO grown up!) Just think, the first of many years of singing that great Alice Cooper song! Ahhh, the feeling of that last day of school, the anticipation of lots of sun filled days of summer, the pool, special day trips, vacation, sleeping in . . . Great memories that last a lifetime! Gigi

Emily said...

tell me more about the sleeping in....

Husband said...

Mmmm sleeping in...

This morning before reading the blog I had that song going through my head thinking about the next two weeks. A week at the beach and a week in Chicago "working". Feels like a schools out for the summer (err, 2 weeks) for me :D