Thursday, December 16, 2010

My mother was right

There. It's now in print. My mother was right. Admittedly she was right about quite a few things (so far) but today I was reminded of a conversation I had with her a few months ago where I told her there was no way I was going to use the pack n play after the newborn stage because we have limited room and I didn't see the point.

So, she was right. I need it. I'll get to that, but I also want to tell you about some new flour I'm Mc Lovin right now.

Trader Joes recently started carrying White Whole Wheat flour. Now, if you've ever used whole wheat instead of white you know that it requires careful planning not to end up with a brick of dough. So I've always had to strike a delicate balance between healthy recipe and tasty food. Finally there's a whole wheat that bakes like white. I made sugar cookies with this new flour and I'm so impressed, because it really delivered exactly like it claims!
I'm glad I had my kitchen helper with me, and his trusty mini-roller!

And now I'm going to tell you how my mom was right. Jack is too old for baby gates and he plays really independently so I don't want to have to stand around and watch the boys all the time but Henry is a quick little trouble-maker. And he's very rat-like in his affinity for gnawing on and playing with power chords. Well, sometimes I need to be in another room and I don't want to have to carry Henry with me or run the risk he's going to get into some actual trouble while I don't have my eyes on him. Voila! Pack n play!
He seems pleased with his little piece of real estate.


emk said...

Oh yes-- white whole wheat flour is great! We're loyal King Arthur Flour customers, but it's nice to know TJs is carrying it, too.

Emily said...

I got it a few months ago but I was waiting for a recipe that would really test it. I can't believe I didn't know about it sooner!

Kate said...

I use that exclusively to make everything except, oddly enough, whole wheat bread. Any more than about half white whole wheat in whole wheat bread doesn't taste "wheaty" enough. It makes great chocolate chip cookies though :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, now why is no one commenting on the headline--"My Mother was right" ??? Is it because we've all said it, with that silly half smile on our faces while thinking--I can't believe I'm saying this?? Anyway, this is now my favorite blog!! PS When visiting this week, watching how fast Henry moves, I did think to myself--this is when I miss playpens!! Gigi-the mother who was right today!