Monday, December 20, 2010


Every year we have some family friends over to decorate cookies and enjoy some delicious food. This year we didn't get snowed out (like last year). I was very excited to see some friends and enjoy some tasty treats.
Brie & Date Crostini

Havarti & Roasted Red Pepper Crostini

The Main Event: Sugar Cookies!

Jack was VERY excited to decorate some cookies this year. About 80% of the decorations went right into his mouth, what can ya do?

Henry enjoyed some pita and some undecorated cookie.

We had a pretty big group of kids who all enjoyed some snacking and some decorating before they went to run around in the basement like crazy people. Hopefully they burned off enough energy so their parents aren't cursing my name tonight!


Kate said...

Liam had a rough time going down (which happens about 50% of the time these days) but once he was asleep he was out for 12 hours so I can't complain :)

The Bliven Family said...

ummmmm...I am so hungry looking at those pictures. You would think that I would miss alcohol while being pregnant,'s deli turkey sandwiches and "off limit" cheese!!!!

Emily said...

trader joes brie is pasturized, if you're worried about that. go for it, it's safe!