Monday, February 23, 2009


I have a crush on Dr. Drew Pinsky. I'll admit it. I have fond memories of his Love Line wisdom. His celebrity rehab show reminds me what I loved about my Psych and Counseling classes in undergrad and grad school. So, in a previous life I could have been an LCSW or an addiction counselor.

With this in mind I must voice my concerns about Jack and his addictive behavior. Today after nap we had a snack and then we went downstairs to play. I brought the crackers with me so during that critical 3:30-4:30 period before daddy comes home we can enjoy a little pick me up. Within 20 minutes of coming into the basement Jack spotted the box of crackers on top of the mantle behind my tea mug. He promptly sat down and started to cry. I gave him a few crackers and tried to hide the box somewhere else. Every time I moved the box he would find it and then fall to pieces on the ground in front of it until he got some more crackers.

I think Jack has a cracker addiction. Should I try to help him kick the habit or should I just enable the crap out of him?


The Bliven Family said...

Kick the habit...I try to only feed Brady at the table...this helps him not to "graze" throughout the day and it makes his mealtimes and snack times more consistent. He also doesn't have a long snacktime becuase he wants to get up and play

Anonymous said...

Daddy says kick the habit. Give him a few on the end table when he gets really desperate so he can eat them and hide the box up the steps so he can't see it and beg for more.

Of course I can swoop in at the end of the day and play hero even though you were the one who was the real hero.

Brenna said...

I'm addicted to NCIS. Also to eating sugar at night. (while watching NCIS) In the poll, I voted, I don't watch tv in the morning...but I do read the newspaper...and websurf in the AM.

The little one-year-olds are so gosh-darn egocentric right now. Amedeo wants everything he sees. Lightbulbs, crackers, kitchen knives. If he wants something, and I don't want to give it to him, he cries. Too bad, so sad. If I don't want to hear lots of crying, I'll distract until he forgets.