Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Date

Sometimes first dates are awkward.

Tonight we had Lindsey and Cady over for dinner. Cady and Jack sipped from their sippy cups and made moon eyes at each other. (Really I'm sure they were thinking 'Normally I dine alone... who sat this other small person near me?")

So this begs the question: Have you ever had an awkward first date? What made it awkward? Who was it with?

My first date with Matt started out pretty awkward, but then it got comfortable. Mostly the tight acid-wash jeans threw me for a loop, but that's just aesthetics. It would be like not buying a house because you don't like the paint color in the living room. ;-)


Kate said...

Does it still count as a "first" date if it's the only date you go on with that person? Here's mine in case it does :)

When I was away at college in Virginia I went out on a date with a guy who
a) was late because he was talking with his recent ex-girlfriend who was having some sort of crisis,
b) spent a significant portion of dinner talking about said ex,
c) instead of taking me out mini-golfing after dinner as had been the original plan asked if he could take me home so that he could call her back.

Of course I had him drive me home since I wasn't exactly having a great time. Needless to say the e-mail I got from him two days later letting me know that he was getting back together with his ex was not exactly a surprise.

Oh, and what is with guys and not getting rid of clothes that are hopelessly out of date? I'm assuming (hoping) Matt's jeans were holdovers from high school like Field's were. Field wouldn't get new jeans until he actually wore a hole in the butt of the old ones last summer.

The Bliven Family said...

acid washed jeans...ha!

Anonymous said...

Yet most people don't continue to complain about the original paint color 3 years after they bought the house :-D

The Brookster said...

She looked happier when she was over at my house for dinner.

bebe said...

hm...I've had lots of awkward first dates. i guess my favorite was when i invited a guy out to dinner (usually we went out in groups). he was clueless...he had no idea i was romantically interested in him. sigh. men are clueless.