Sunday, February 22, 2009

Status Update:


So first Jack had a little stomach bug, then yesterday Matt was not so hot. He was feeling better in time for dinner so we went to the Melting Pot and enjoyed cheese, Coq au Vin and chocolate fondue. I ate so much that I was literally busting at the seams, I had to unbutton my pants at the table. Then 2 am rolls around and it's my turn to be sick. Well, oh. my. goodness. it was awful. I feel mostly better now, but I'm a little weak.

So we went to Carter's Birthday party and I'm just hoping against hope that no one we saw there will get sick because of us.


The Kento Beans said...

OH NO!!! Feel better soon!!!

Carlson Family said...

Sorry you're sick - hope you're all feelin' better soon!

We should totally do a Mom's Night Out to Melting Pot just for CHOCOLATE and WINE!!

melaniet42 said...

Aw - I hope you feel better soon!

Brenna said...

Hope you feel better soon!!!

*smacks forehead*

I didn't read your poll correctly...i thought the question was to be answered individually...I feel terrible knowing that you thought I was saying you were a terrible parent...that couldn't be further from the truth. You're great parents!!! Jack couldn't be luckier, and I think you should have at least 2 more went through Jack's first year with lots of grace and good humor.


I'm sorry!!!

Emily said...

Brenna- no biggie it was totally an either what you think for you or what you think for me. When I saw it I figured it was probably someone who was having a particularly frustrating day with their own baby. (Not that that's ever happened.)