Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Escape

After the failed attempt at transitioning this past weekend we put Jack back in his crib and lowered the crib rail so that if he did attempt to escape he wouldn't be falling from 4 1/2 feet in the air, just 3 1/2. Today was the first day that he figured out how to escape with the new configuration so instead of waiting to transition till this weekend we're going to have to do it starting tonight. (I like to capitalize on the nap-free days because it leaves the kiddo extra tired and more compliant. Mwah ha ha.)

Here's what we're doing:
-Since the crib is staying in the nursery for #2 Jack is moving to his new big boy room.
-He's been exploring the room and bed all week.
-The room will have no toys or books, just his normal bed/naptime accouterments.
-The bed rail came this week so that will be set up.
-The monitor and the white noise machine will be set on a high bookshelf out of reach.
-If we hear him get out of bed/ get upset we will go in and return him to his bed and rub his back for a few minutes and then promptly leave. (Though it's much easier to plan this than it is to execute when you're exhausted and it's 4am.)

If I'm coherent enough to update tomorrow, I'll let you know how it goes!


Brenna said...

i wish you lots of luck! at least you're getting this out of the way instead of doing it while you are trying to take care of an infant!

melaniet42 said...

Good luck!!