Friday, October 9, 2009

We've Been Busy

Jack's fan-pull (a space shuttle) came in the mail last week and we, much to his dismay, hung it on the fan so when I found this in the cheap-bins at Michael's I decided to give him a hands-on version!

Jack decided to copy mommy. This takes me back to a picture of me with yogurt on my face (shaving cream) rubbing a banana (razor) on my chin to 'be like daddy".

Charlie turned 1. He ate his whole smash cake. ::sigh:: It warms my heart to know that Jack will be able to bond over his love of food with Charlie for years to come!

We learned that the floating stairs make a great picnic table! He carried the plate over, sat it down himself and then sat on the steps.

It has become apparent that Daddy has clearly been working on the windows for too many weeks now!

And we learned exactly how he's been getting out of the crib.


emk said...

You need to get him in gymnastics so he can do the still rings with that upper body strength! But do you think he'd still be able to get out if you took the bumpers out? Seems like he's using them in his escape.

The Crivella Family said...

That was hilarious, but I think you are right a bed is needed ASAP. It looks quite dangerous if he were to loose his hands! The next step is even more fun, getting them to stay in the room once you have put them down! At least you won't have to worry about him wanting to go back when the new baby comes, there is plenty of time to get used to a bed now!
And I am soooooo glad Carter never did that it made me nervous watching him!

Brenna said...

too funny. it's clear that he's conflicted about the whole thing...

melaniet42 said...

Jillian played with corks this week and spent a good amount of time rubbing them on her cheeks like I do with my blush brush. How funny!

Anonymous said...

GIRL You got your hands FULLLLL!!!!!!!!! is that where Im going to be in a year?