Thursday, October 29, 2009

These cupcakes have eyes.

Mom, my food is looking at me...

Today was the Mom's Group Halloween Party. In attendance we had:
James Dean.

A Baylor Bear.

A Sheriff.

A Turtle.

A Tiger.


and Sally Ride.

Just for a quick review, this was last year. Jocelyn, Jillian, Cady, Leora, Amedeo and Jack.

And this is this year. Amedeo, Brooks, Cady, Colin, Jack, Jillian and Jocelyn.

As the party started to wind down things got a little, um, silly.

Nope, this wasn't staged. They just did this. Over and over and over again. They didn't even seem bothered by the adults hooting and laughing in the background.


Anonymous said...

How cute! And look how much they've grown! What a fun party! Hmmmm, maybe we should compare Uncle Tom's Halloween party pictures to these--especially the last ones! Second thought, maybe not . . . ! Gigi

Brenna said...

thanks for hosting emily! we had fun! i bit the eyes off my cupcake first...that took care of it!

The Bliven Family said...

that tiger is awfully that a Brady/Carter hand-me-down?

Emily said...

I don't think so, I think Emily said her sister gave it to Colin as a gift (she lives in Texas).