Monday, October 5, 2009

Ye Olde Faire

We made our first of two trips to the Maryland Renaissance Festival this weekend. Seriously, there aren't words for how awesome the Faire is. We started with a Fight Club show, which always includes a beef stew for me YUM!

Jack loved the stew and the show.

Then we went to the Bee Folks and caught a show at the Globe from their second floor window.

We climbed on the pirate ship playground.

We slid on the slide.

We checked out the elephants.

Jack and Matt shared a Scotch egg- it was supposed to be for Matt, but Jack loved it! Matt also had sausage on a stick and I had a chili bread bowl.

We caught the joust and Jack enjoyed a birds eye view.

Since I go for the food I'll tell you what else I had: mint chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone, fish and chips and hot cocoa. We also picked up some gourmet honey from the Bee Folks and also nabbed some herbs and teas from the herbalist.

At the end of the day Jack was pooped!


melaniet42 said...

We picked up some honey from the Bee Folks too!! YUM!

Lindsey said...

You're making me hungry!