Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Day's Activities

We enjoyed playdoh this morning. After a quick lesson that this is not food we were good to go!

We cuddled on the couch. This was a Jack-guided activity. Apparently it was cold in the house!

We watched the kitty eat a snack. (Needing a reminder or two that this is not to be shared.)


Anonymous said...

Need my recipe for homemade playdough? Another role reversal may be coming your way--when GiGi babysits in a few weeks, the house will have to be warmer!! Remember when you lived at home . . .! How did Monkey feel about being watched while she ate???

Emily said...

Feel free to turn up the heat! I would except the temperature-tyrant might throw me out! Monkey didn't seem to mind being observed. Thank goodness!

Brenna said...

for sure! while pietro was gone...I cranked the temp up to 69 for day and night.

melaniet42 said...

My mom did play-doh with Jillian while she was up there this weekend. I'm going to give it a try here tomorrow or Saturday. Great to hear that Jack is doing better in his bed!!