Monday, October 12, 2009

Bed Rail - Ordered

Sadly, last night was not a success. From about 11-2:00 Mommy was sleeping in Jack's bed with him and from 2-8:00 Daddy was on-duty. Now, sometimes I complain about my husband but when he pulls the 6-hour marathon middle-of-the-night toddler duty I have nothing but love. This sleeping with a parent habit is more worrisome to me than jumping out of the crib. Since it was only night, it's not a habit yet so we're taking the week off, he's back in his crib and we're awaiting our Amazon delivery (Friday?).

We ordered a bed rail. We both believe that a big part of the problem is he went from sleeping somewhere that felt small and enclosed to sleeping somewhere that feels big and open. We have a few schemes planned like sensory deprivation - no books, no toys in the new room and hanging a curtain on the top rail to make the bed feel enclosed and putting big pillows at the end of the bed to decrease the size of the space. We're hoping that with these plans, plus the bed rail the big-boy bed transition will not end in 3 totally-awake hours and 6 additional parent-needed hours.


Brenna said...

at least he was content to sleep with you instead of leaping about the room! why don't they make crib rails about 3 feet taller? then they couldn't escape until they were 16...bwa ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could remember how we survived this transition, but sounds like you are on the right track. Ciao! Gigi & Papa