Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On the lighter side

Jack dresses up in Mommy's clothes as often as he dresses up in Daddy'd. I find this desire to emulate mommy VERY endearing!

With no teaching, prompting or coaching from me Jack has started to attempt to color inside the lines. I'm pretty impressed that not only does he like to color but he spends a lot of time choosing which crayons he'll use and trying to get the color to fill inside the line!

Jack has learned the wonders of low-gravity in the pool. In bigger news he is now blowing bubbles in swim class. It's only the second week!
As a once-upon-a-time swim instructor, getting a kid to blow bubbles can be the hardest part. Some are too scared to put their face in but when you can convince them to do it they inhale instead of exhale which starts the fear all over again. I'm such a proud water-mama!


Kate said...

Ok, so where are you taking these swim classes? The only ones that CA offers are at night, as though I want to go swimming with my 8 month old a 6:30 pm (in the middle of winter no less). My mom pointed out that it's probably so working parents can go with their kids but seriously, most little kids are in bed by 8pm so swim class until 7:30 just doesn't work.

Emily said...

Kids First Swim School (at 175 and rt 1) Elkridge. The class itself doesn't blow my mind but the pool is super warm and Jack enjoys it. This place has classes for Mommy and Me twice a day, Morning and Night every day!

Kate said...

Warm sounds good to me (apparently it's 90 degrees) and it's priced right. I'll definitely be dropping by to check it out before the next session starts in a month.

Emily said...

You can prorate, so if you could do 9:30 on Wed you can just join me (I'm in the class alone right now).

Brenna said...

jack is going to be SO ready to go when it comes to summer swimming! yay!