Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Very Cool

Daddy and Jack screwed down the second sheet of Hardi Backer. (the other day)

This is a great example of old and new.

The red 63 Corvette needs a hood, bumpers, antenna and front seat to look like the silver one. He doesn't seem to mind too much though. Thank goodness!

How cool is this?!?! Since I am 28 weeks this week I had to take my glucose test and get my rhogam shot. I know what you're thinking, eeeewww! that orange drink was so gross... well not me! I got to drink these juice boxes (thanks Jack) and this banana. One hour later they drew my blood, which they do right in the office, I don't even have to go to a lab! But then they gave me my rhogam shot, what a pain in the @ss!


melaniet42 said...

Huge improvement over that orange drink!!

Brenna said...

that is awesome. i wonder what my ob would think if i suggested that to them!