Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No Restrictions

After yoga on Monday morning and yoga tonight I feel very bendy and very tired! I asked my teacher if there were any poses that they don't recommend in the 3rd tri because they're known to shift the baby's position. I've been told by multiple sources that downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) is known to help a breech baby move to head-down. So that made me wonder if something like a headstand or handstand would make a head-down baby flip. Nope. Apparently not. If I can still get into a head or hand stand at 40 weeks I might die or shock....

I did, however do this tonight (vashistasana).

But the fullest expression of the pose is this. Oh, yeah, sure. No problem.


Brenna said...

Neat! It's great to have an activity that is so gentle on the pregnant body!

I've never gotten into yoga...I got bored with the beginner class and didn't go back. Maybe you have some suggestions...I'm interested in yoga, but I get bored with the beginner stuff. I need the beginner stuff because I'm not so flexible anymore...you get the idea!

Emily said...

There are good ways to modify poses for people who don't have full flexibility without the class itself being too easy.

I think most people would do well with a Yoga 1-2 class (where some members are at level 1 and some are at a 2). They do more challenging poses but they always give 2 or 3 versions of how to do them depending on where you have tightness (hamstrings, hips and shoulders are the top 3 tightness areas).

I can do the splits till the cows come home but ask me to to anything requiring rull range of motion in my shoulders and I look like a hot mess.

Columbia Yoga has walk-in rates so you could just go to one class one time to see if you like the content and teacher before comitting to a whole 11/12 week session.

Brenna said...

excellent suggestions! since my evenings have opened up, I'll have to take a look! thanks.