Sunday, January 31, 2010


We kicked of the morning with a maternity photo shoot for baby#2. All the good pics are on Matt's camera, of course. I'm psyched to see them because we got some cute ones with Jack and some cute ones with Jack and Matt and then some of just me and baby.

I'm officially announcing that the bathroom is done. I have mixed feelings about this because this is the 'cloth diaper' bathroom. Since it went out of commission nearly a month ago we've been using disposables. It's been easy (lots more trash generated, but easy) though it hasn't helped with the potty training because the cloth allow Jack to feel minimal wetness, which is a step in the right direction. So now we have a fancy new bath and we are ::sigh:: back to cloth.

We helped Daddy make the pizza dough for tonight's dinner.

We also tried to do some cooking ourselves. As I took this picture I was yelling "Matt, Matt, Matt, oh no! Matt!" He was standing just to the left in front of the sink. That measuring cup did end up in the mixing bowl, splash! Neither of us could act fast enough, and it makes for a cute shot, no?


emk said...

Cute pics all around!

Question for Husband: is the mixer attachment shown in the bottom pic what you used for making dough? I've always been mystified by what exactly that attachment is, but I used the hook one for dough since I thought it actually was called a "dough hook." Thoughts?

melaniet42 said...

Jillian "helped" me bake cookies today! I let her dump the cups of flour into the mixing bowl, though only part of them actually made it in! Too cute; and the bathroom looks awesome!